The Effects of Silicone

SilFX is a non-petroleum based open-cell silicone foam that enables thinner seat cushions while eliminating the need for fire-blocking and providing lasting passenger comfort.

Designing Sustainable Solutions:

Silfx silicone foam, used as a top comfort pad, prolongs the life of the cushion, allowing passengers to experience consistent comfort throughout the cushion's life cycle.

Seat designers are able to design thinner seat constructions whichreduce cabin weight and increase passenger room without sacrificing comfort or cushion life.

Airlines benefit from a longer-lasting, comfortable cushion, reducing the costs of refurbishment and downtime while increasing passenger statisfaction.

Technical Inquiries:Faizan Nasir • Product Specialist • Email • 630-784-6264

Basic Properties

DensityASTM 105650kg/m3
FirmnessASTM D3574 (25%)23 lbf
Compression SetASTM D1056< 1 %
Anti-MicrobialASTM G21Pass - No Growth
Dry Cleaning

Fire Safety Performance

Seat Oil BurnerFAR 25.853cPass
(3% Mass Loss)
Vertical FlameFAR25.9853a (12x/60s)
ToxicityABD 0031 (AITM 3.0005)
BSS 7239
Smoke DensityABD 0031 (AITM 2.0007)
FAR 25.853d


Durability Testing (Jounce/Squirm
500,000 cycles)
2% Height Loss
15% Firmness Loss
Height Loss
Firmness Retention
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