It's all about the seat

  • We may not be able to offer complimentary drinks, an upgrade to first class, or an early arrival, but we can make your seat so comfortable that none of that will matter.
  • The comfort of your seat is the last thing you think of when you book a flight. But it’s the first thing you notice when you sit down. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your priorities…
  • You fly, and turn off your phone, and sometimes even check your bag, because you have to. We make seats more comfortable because we want to. You don’t have to like that, but you will.

Designers Come

Welcome to the Silfx seating community blog! Here we’ll cover the most important part of your next flight: comfort. When you take flight with Silfx silicone foam, you’re free to focus on everything else.

Frequent flyer? Casual traveler? Join us here for the latest news and stories on air travel, as well as interactive contests and discussions. Here, it’s all about how you fly. And with Silfx comfort seating, it’s all about the seat.

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